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Surrey Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy - Works with you to enlighten your life and improve your health

Peter Back D.Hyp MIAH

Consultant - Analytical and Clinical Hypnotherapy
Woking, Surrey, UK


Hypnotherapy Association and Training

Hypnotherapy Association - The International Association of Hypno-Analysts (IAH). Established in 1981 as a non-profit making organisation, the IAH (formerly the Institute of Analytical Hypnotherapy) is probably the largest group of Analytical Hypnotherapists practising in the world. You could use this web site to find an IAH hypnotherapy practitioner near you, at www.hypnoanalysis.com.

Hypnotherapy Training Course - The Hypnotherapy Control Board (HCB). Established in 1974, the HCB is Europe’s largest Hypnotherapy Training School, at www.hypnotherapy-control-board.org. EVERY member of the IAH has undertaken and passed the HCB Diploma course outlined in this website.

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